Meet Our Staff

The staff at Corolla Adventure Park is the heart and soul of our operation.

George (Jorge)

From Northern Virginia but currently living in the Outer Banks where he wants to stay forever. Typically spends his free time hanging out at the beach or searching for some good crab legs at local restaurants aka Fat Crabs. Likes all Philadelphia sports teams (Go Birds! Super Bowl Champs!) Loves to play games and be active. Very competitive. Very.

Sam (boy)

Straight outta NOVA, or northern Virginia for you simpletons. Sam is currently an engineering student at West Virginia University, but spends his free time enjoying the outdoors. He also shreds the sweet strings of the guitar to release his soul. Please bring your dog to our park so Sam can love him.


From Smithfield Virginia, but Corolla is his second home. This is Nick’s third season working at CAP, but he has vacationed here since he was little. He can tell what’s good to eat around here. He also enjoys chilling on the beach, and playing corn hole. He is a computer science major at James Madison University. Go Dukes!


From Columbus to San Diego to San Antonio and now Corolla, Amy has lived in almost every region of the US. She currently goes to Elon University and spends her free time perfecting her sick lax skills and making films. As a very competitive card player (and game player in general), she can beast even Jorge in Egyptian Rat Screw.


After fleeing her homeland of Alabama, Harli moved to the beautiful state of North Carolina to further pursue her dream of being a nomadic teacher. She enjoys making dreamcatchers, getting the super tan, and going out with friends. Ask about CP! What is a “CP”? Also, everything is fine.


A little nugget washed up on shore by the winds of chance, Hope loves the Banks. Her green thumbs have planted many a seed, and her arms are covered in paint, clothes covered in sawdust from her work here at the park, which brings a big smile to her face. She’s an artist at heart, an eater in her gut, and a mover by choice and necessity.

Matthew (Matt)

Born in Maryland but moved to Topsail Island, NC when he was a wee lad. Matt is currently enrolled at East Carolina University pursuing a degree in MIS. He’s been coming to Corolla every summer for 12 years straight and plans to continue the tradition. Matt likes to spend his free time shredding waves and playing the guitar (sometimes even at the same time) and nothing else, unless Fortnight. Go Pirates!

Ethan (LITTY)

Representing the litness of Bethesda Maryland, Ethan is living the life in Corolla. When not at the ropes course you can find Ethan watching people play Fortnight, playing Fortnight, jamming out to music, or tossing a frisbee. He has an extreme passion for chasing a plastic disk (Frisbee) and repping the Elon Ultimate Frisbee team (BIG FAT BOMB!!!!). LETS GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A 4’9” mixture of sass, sunshine, and sarcasm, Becca is a Northern transplant from Scranton, Pennsylvania (yes, the home of The Office). However, she consistently finds herself back in North Carolina, which has captured a large piece of her heart. Becca is currently enrolled at Eastern University in the greater Philadelphia area, pursuing a degree in psychology. Becca enjoys reading, journaling, listening to music, running, and watching Duke crush the Tar Heels in basketball. When she isn’t at the park, she can be found at the beach, probably relaxing/tanning or doing yoga.


The lady of magic shoulders, this monkey bar master hails from Orlando, FL. Macy lived in Dallas, Texas for three years before voyaging to North Carolina where she goes to school at Elon University. There, she studies Public Health with a concentration in biology. She loves key lime pie with a passion and does aerial gymnastics on the side. She is also an expert shower singer, and occasionally ventures to Rome, Italy to sing in the Vatican. This travel bug plans to backpack in every continent for some period of time.


Providing the stoke at CAP for the third year in a row, Bruce Wayne, aka Batman (but Shhhhh don’t tell anyone, gosh.) He is from Williamsburg, VA, but currently bounces between beaches in Wilmington and Corolla. Tyler is a Recreation Therapy major at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and facilitates Adapted Sports Programs. A mad, mad pun-esque man, Tyler also enjoys golf and baseball. Tyler’s favorite restaurant is Poe’s Tavern in Wilmington.

Sam (girl)

A NOVA native, Sam is a calm, cool, collected human development and criminology double major at Virginia Tech. Local for summer, she loves dogs, and bikes to work EVERY DAY, ALL THE TIME. Sam, stealer of vegan ice-cream sandwiches. Sam loves sunlight in all forms, sunrise, sunset, middle-day, sun tanning, all forms, and surfs for fun not fame. Her favorite local restaurants are Mexikind and Corolla Pizza.


Our very own MODster in training, Lyn came to us from Lexington, SC after graduating with a Business degree from Appalachian State University in Boone. A strong participant in both a local yoga and a movement class, her favorite food is tacos! Me gusta. Bright ray of sunshine, she shreds on her rad pink longboard in the sweet waves of Corolla.