ground school

Ground School

(Climbers should already be in their harness, they should already have bug spray on, sunblock on, used the bathroom and have water with them to take on the course. Pockets should be empty and car keys hung up in shop)

· Welcome climbers to the park, tell them how to access course and bathrooms and water bottle station
· Guides are not there to tell participants how to go, or take them thru the course. We are like lifeguards. If they need hints we give them. Guessing how get thru an obstacle is all the fun.
· Show and talk about the safe roller system (locked carabiner, roll over brackets) DO NOT PLAY WITH CARABINER (It is meant to be difficult to open, you can break it open if you try hard enough we would appreciate it and for your own safety if you just left it up the guides. Please be patient)
· Do not grab the belay cable at anytime, or hold onto the lanyard tightly. Never wrap the lanyard around your wrist
· DO not slam the saferoller or yank at it, gently lift it when you get hung up. The saferoller only likes riding on the cable move it pass bracket before you step off platform onto obstacle.  (demonstrate moving the saferoller perpendicular to cable) 
· Go over Bifurcation- what it is meant for, how/why it is used, where they are located on the course
· Where to stand when on the tower DO NOT OPEN GATES 
· 1 PERSON per obstacle, 2 PEOPLE per platform
· If you are under 5 ft tall you must be with someone who is 5 ft tall on the course. (1:1 ratio)
· WHISTLE- 3 blows of the whistle means everyone must get to the nearest platform and freeze. Wait for instructions from guides. It maybe due to weather or a rescue on the course. Be patient it may take a few minutes.
· Explain the spiral formation of the course like a hurricane: different levels tropical storm, Category 1, Category 2, Category 3 Category 4, Category 5.  Must complete one course on each level before ascending tower to harder courses. 
· Proper use of Zip line, sit down slowly in harness, or on deck, push off, lift legs, mindful of platform when you reach rope is there if you need to pull yourself to tower. No jumping or spinning off platforms! (you will be kicked off course and you could hurt yourself
· REMEMBER: This is fun, can be challenging, it is an adventure- (bumps, bruises, scrapes are possible) only challenge your self as much as you want. You don’t have to do the entire course. Take a break and enjoy the view from the top deck.