Axe Throwing 101 and FAQ


Q: What is Axe throwing?
A: This could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  But at the park it means throwing a regulation hatchet at a wooden target at a specified distance and inside a "lane".  Our lanes are essentially chain link cages that prevent the hatchet from leaving the target area.  

Q: Who can play?
A: Anyone age 12 and over (anyone under 18 requires legal guardian supervision)

Q: What experience do I need?
A: None.  Our trained staff will teach you the rules and how to properly handle and throw the ax in our contained lanes.  We just ask that you follow the guidelines we provide so that you can have a fun and safe experience.  Anyone not following the rules we provide will no longer be allowed to participate.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: First and foremost, your sense of adventure!  But also closed toed shoes.  And if you are under 18 you will need a parent or legal guardian.  Everyone 18 and over will need to bring a photo ID for signing waivers.

Q: Can I come spectate?
A: Yes!  We have plenty of space for spectators to hang out and enjoy themselves at the park.  We have a snack bar and nature trail with other games and seating.

Q: What are you throwing axes at?
A: Wooden Targets inside a chain link cage, otherwise known as a "lane"

Q: Beer and Axes?
A: Once someone has been served alcohol, they may not sign a waiver (for themselves or their children).  Once this process is complete an adult of legal age may consume a limit of three beers if throwing axes.  We are not a bar.  Beer is an accessory here and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.  Please remember this is a family friendly establishment.

Q: Is this safe?
A: There are inherent risks with any activity and you should check with your doctor if you are not sure about your level of fitness to participate in activities at the park.  Here are some things we do to make your activity a fun and enjoyable experience: 

- Coaches are on hand dedicated to get you started, then guide and monitor your play.
- Steel fencing separates each lane preventing rogue axes from going into adjacent areas
- Non-negotiable rules are in place for your safety
- 14 feet separates players from targets to prevent bounce back from fallen axes
- Throwers and non-throwers are separated by a barrier

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Click on the "Book Now" Button at the top of any page and bottom of this page

Q: How much does this cost?
A: $20 per person for one hour of throwing.  There is a minimum of $40 (2 people) to rent a lane.  Four people maximum per lane.  For groups bigger than four please call to reserve.

Q: How many people can play?
A: Four people maximum per lane.  For groups bigger than four please call to reserve so we can set you up with multiple lanes.  

Q: Can I bring my own axe?
A: Sorry, not at this time.

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You Want to Play Axe Games?

A Game Consists of 5 throws per participant, with two participants playing in one lane.

Each lane consists of two targets where two customers will compete in head-to-head competition. Each customer will throw one axe at a time starting on or behind the throwing line that is 14’ from the target. After both axes have been thrown, customers will wait for their axes to come to a complete stop before passing the fault line and retrieving their axes.

Competitors will be allowed to throw at the same time at their respective targets or one after the other; each competitor can decide their format for throwing. Scoring is recorded after each throw to allow competitors to know their standings. See graphic for point values. On the fifth throw, either competitor may attempt to throw at Clutch, the green circles at the top of the target, however they must call Clutch before attempting it and then all other scoring options are no longer valid for this throw. After throwing all five axes for the round, competitors will switch targets on the lane and continue again until a winner is determined by winning best of three rounds.

For hourly play, customers come to learn how to throw, hone their skills for league competitions, or host ad-hoc competitions against friends or strangers.